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Do you seek a place to get away and cleanse yourself of all worries? Would you like a sweet escape from your stresses and from the overwhelming expectations of half-life? The Yuya Bathhouse, widely known for its specialty in pleasing, has dedicated itself and its workers to servicing weary souls from all around the spirit world. Witch proprietor Hyosung has spent much of her career forming Yuya into a haven of serenity and appeasement — and guests have always remarked feeling nothing short of purely refreshed and content after visiting. Be you someone in need of a relaxing bath or simply a place to comfortably socialize with close friends and business partners alike, Yuya’s lanterns will always be lit for seeking spirits.
little updates:
13.10.14 halloween, halloween, this is halloween.

13.10.13 grand opening !

13.10.12 ten reserves : masterlist; guidelines page four / F.A.Q. / applications / about page one / room assignments / cbox / blog coding. admin sleeps at 7am. woe.

13.02.09 blog created (believe it or not).
a 千と千尋の神隠し based roleplay.